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It can be difficult and frustrating to recover your email account when you donít have phone support or an email linked to your hacked account. Hotmail Support Canada requires customers to fill an online form before calling to corroborate your identity so that Microsoft Hotmail can verify your details and your Hotmail account can be retrieved. When your details are not linked, it is very hard to retrieve.

Password issues can be a common problem with Hotmail. Hotmail Support Canada offers speedy resolutions with password difficulties. Before calling Hotmail Support Canada in regards to forgotten passwords you might first try these two options:

First Option: Browse, then click on canít access your account; follow the instructions step by step given by Microsoft to reset the password.

Second Option: Go to Reset Hotmail Password: if you are already logged into your Hotmail, you can click on settings to change your recovery options and password.

If still you are getting or facing any sort of issue, contact hotmail support online technical support helpline number .

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